Hardwood (Australian)
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Decking - Hardwood
  Grade 42x19 64x19 86x19 90x19 135x19 140x19 140x25
Blackbutt Select      
Blackbutt Std & Better    
Blackbutt Standard      
Blackbutt Utility      
Forest Reds Select      
Forest Reds Std & Better    
Forest Reds Standard    
Forest Reds Utility    
Iron Bark Select    
Iron Bark Std & Better
Iron Bark Standard      
Iron Bark Utility      
Mixed Hardwood Select        
Mixed Hardwood Std & Better      
Mixed Hardwood Standard        
Mixed Hardwood Utility        
Spotted Gum Select      
Spotted Gum Std & Better    
Spotted Gum Standard      
Spotted Gum Utility      

Additional Info

Australian hardwoods are of high density, tough, durable and in some species fire retardant therfore making them the ideal choice for a timber deck. Ozbuild Materials ensures that their decking material will be of optimum hardness, stability and provide a long service life that is why we choose to supply seasoned timbers to provide you with the best solution for your decking needs.